A lot of people spend their free time on social networks – they are chatting, watching cat videos and browsing pictures of friends. Social networks changed our lives forever – now it is very easy to keep in touch with relatives and get recent news immediately. But all of that also has a bad side – you become addicted.

Did you notice how often you are browsing social media instead of doing something more important? Or how your friends spend all the time in their phones even when you hang out together?

There is little we can do with that – it’s hard not to use socials. But we can try to limit our usage and make our life better – that’s why Maki exists.
In this blog, we are giving a lot of advice on how to avoid socials addiction and live a better life. Real life. Where emotions on pictures are not fake and where you experience everything on your own.

This blog and our app Maki is made to achieve a simple goal – made your life less dependent on socials.