This is a page with frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Problems with purchase
Privacy policy
Advertising from Facebook
Dark mode
Font size
Most recent feed
Delete messages
Report a bug or give a suggestion

My purchase was not complete – money charged and no Maki Plus!

Try to tap on the “Get Maki Plus” button one more time – this action should restore your purchase. If you still get a dialog from Google to pay again – send me the code of your purchase (starts with GPA), and it will be refunded: makifeedback@gmail.com

Do you collect any personal information about me?

Nope! Maki doesn’t collect any personal and even anonymous data. Tools like Firebase are used for collecting crash reports – nothing more. Check Maki’s full privacy policy here: https://makisocial.com/privacy-policy/

I don’t receive any notifications – what can be done?

Try to set notifications sync time for 30 seconds in the app settings. You can also enable the “Exact time” preference, but be sure that it will increase the battery usage of Maki.

How to disable advertising from Facebook?

Advertising can be disabled in the app settings. Open settings, then select the “Special” category, and the first preference to appear on your screen will be “Remove Advertising.” Turn it on and forget about sponsored publications in a news feed.

How to enable dark mode?

Open settings, select the “General” category, then tap on “Theme” preference (the first one in the “General” category) and select “Material dark.” Exit settings and enjoy! You can also enable the AMOLED theme, which is fully black and can save battery on your device with an OLED screen.

How to change the font size?

Open settings, select the “General” category, and find preference “Font size.” Tap on it and enter a font size in the range from 50 to 170%.

How to enable “Most recent”?

“Most recent” news feed is enabled in Maki by default. You can switch to “Top stories” in the app settings (Settings -> “Facebook” -> “Top stories” preference).

How to access settings?

The settings button is available on the “More” page (after the “Notifications” page):

How to enable passcode?

Open settings, select “Privacy,” and select “Enable passcode.” You will get a warning on what to do in case you will forget a passcode, and then you will be able to create a 4-digit passcode lock.

Next time, when you will open Maki, you can either enter your passcode or use a fingerprint scanner (if your device has one). Fingerprint unlock is supported on devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later.

Delete messages

To delete messages, an open conversation you want to remove and tap on a small button on the right side from the recipient’s name (showed on a screenshot).

Now you can select “Delete” to remove full conversation or “Delete Selected” to remove some messages.

I found a bug or have a suggestion! How to send it?

First of all, thank you very much! Bug reports and suggestions are helping me to make Maki better with every update. You can contact me on Facebook (https://m.facebook.com/sunshineappsst/) or via email: makifeedback@gmail.com