Maki 4.0 Hortensia: A new step for Maki

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Almost a year ago a Maki 3.0 Sakura was released to the public. It was the biggest update since the initial release of Maki with highly-awaited features: voice and audio calls, new design, new power-saving mode and more.

In a recent year, Sakura received many updates with new features and performance improvements. You send me a lot of feedback and bug reports. Thank you very much, dear friend! Now it’s time for the next big move. This time with the main focus on new and improvements in already existing features. Let’s talk about the Maki 4.0 Hortensia.

What’s new?


Yes! Maki is now capable of running a full version of Messenger with deletion of sent messages, reactions and replies. It’s better to see it on your own.

It’s highly recommended to use Messenger on a more powerful device like Galaxy S8 or newer, it requires faster connection speed and may use more data. That’s why there are two options which allow you to switch to an old Messenger, which was renamed to a “Simplified Messenger”.

The first option will switch you to Simplified Messenger when the speed of your network is very low, the second one will do the same when you are connected to the mobile network. Both options could be easily disabled in the app settings (“Facebook” category). By the way, Simplified Messenger also was highly improved. It supports viewing of attachments from “big brother”.

Chat heads

…are finally out of beta. New chat heads were written from scratch with the support of photos uploading, opening from a notification tray and support of earlier mentioned Messenger. Oh, and most important – Chat heads will be free, you don’t need to have Maki Plus to use them!

Upload photos from a camera

Now you can upload photos directly from the Camera app on your device. Important notice: sometimes your picture may be rotated by 90 degrees on a preview screen before publication. Don’t worry: picture will be published in a correct orientation.

New Material dark theme

The dark theme gets a big update: now you will be able to choose from brand-new Material Dark, Dark Blue, and AMOLED themes.

Automatic power-saving mode

Want to save your battery life automatically? Now it’s possible. Select when power saving mode should be enabled and it will be enabled after your battery level will drop to 30 % or less.

And more:

  • Dark mode for Pinterest;
  • Remove all notifications from your phone after tapping on “Mark all as read”;
  • Improved font size changing;
  • Fixed bugs.

Get it on Google Play

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Thank you very much for choosing Maki!

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