Maki 3.9: Final accord of Sakura

5 centimeters per second

It’s been a while science Maki 3.0 codenamed “Sakura” was released back in October. Since then, there were many updates with great new features and improvements that you love to have in Maki today.

Hard to believe, but it was a year ago! I remember working on it as it was yesterday. And now we left with only one major update for 3.x which is, obviously, Maki 3.9 Sakura. And then we will step further into a new version.

But… That’s a future. Today I’m happy to present you with a Maki 3.9 Sakura update with the main focus on the performance. I’ve spent a lot of time reducing the app size, making it more stable, fixing bugs, and more. And you know what? I did it!

Now Maki works a lot better, especially on phones with older versions of Android (highly doubt that I’m not the only one who will notice that). I’ve clean the code, rewrite it, removed not so highly needed things and overall performance is now better.

Of course, a lot of bugs that were reported by you were fixed, thank you very much for that. And yes, if you found a bug – please, contact me on our Facebook group: @sunshineappsst Or using email:

Besides that, small changes in the app design were made: colored navigation buttons in dark themes, new profile view on an “additional” tab, etc. Option to keep toolbar and navigation panel while scrolling is also now available in “General” section of app settings.

That’s it! Not a lot of telling about, but it was very interesting to work on this update.

What’s next? Well, we’ll see. Now you can send me your top requested features which you want to see in the next update of Maki. You can leave them here, in comments, or, which is better, send them as a private message on the Facebook group: sunshineappsst Or via email, yes:

3.9 Sakura is now available on Google Play:

Thank you very much!

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