Happy birthday, Eva!

place promised in our early days

Hello! Not a lot of you knows, but beside Maki, I’m also working on another project called Eva. Eva is an Android app that is created to easily find channels, stickers, bots and public chats for Telegram. And it’s bin a while science Eva was updated the last time (back in December 2018), so now it’s time for big changes.

Moreover, it’s 2 years since Eva was released in Google Play (on 30 of July 2017). Let’s celebrate it with great new features!

What’s new in Eva 4.0?


A search was the biggest issue in the previous version of Eva — it was slow, not comfortable to use and highly limited in his functionality. Now it’s changed totally. New search features improved design pattern (the same as in Maki) and allows you to search not only by the title of the item but also by the author of a sticker pack or by a description of any other item.

Updated design

The design didn’t get a lot of changes, but it was slightly improved: additional items like buttons for adding new items, access the settings, etc. were moved to a navigation drawer. Lists were redesigned and, as it was said before, the search got an all-new look.

A new way to report

You don’t need to send reports using email anymore. It can be directly sent from Eva without any additional movements. Reason for sending a report was removed to simplify a process of sending a report. But you still can specify a reason with an additional comment.

Don’t be shy to send reports – it really helps to clean the app from inactive channels.

“Editor’s choice” for everything

Previously, there was an “Editor’s choice” only for channels. Now all the items in Eva (stickers, bots, and public chats) also can be marked as an “Editor’s choice”.


All new items will now be marked with a language-tag. It will allow you to separate channels in your preferred language. For example, if a channel is in Spanish, it will be marked with such a tag.

This is a new Eva. You can download it now for free on Google Play:


Share your experience and ideas in our public chat: https://t.me/eva_en

Chat in Spanish: https://t.me/eva_es

Thank you very much for your attention!

Sincerely, Roman.

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