Maki 3.5 Sakura is finally here!

I’m happy to show you an updated version of Maki – Maki 3.5 Sakura. It has a few interesting changes that will make an app a little bit better.

A new location for options

Now you can easily access all the additional features of the app (settings, favorites, profile switch and exit) on the “Menu” page in a Facebook part of the app. Looks a lot better than three dots menu and now it’s a lot easier to access – you don’t need to reach the right top corner of your phone. Now you need to do that only if you want to open search box.

New icons

Prettier and more beautiful – not a big and dramatic change, but now app feels a little bit better. All the icons were replaced in a navigation bar and app header.

And other small improvements

I’m keep fixing small issues that have some users, but, thankfully, there are no big issues with Maki at the moment. Most of the users are happy with the stability of the app. If you are not – feel free to contact me: I’ll try to fix an issue you have with my app.

Available on Google Play:

Oh, yeah, and check out new app description. Some of you may not see it because it is launched as an experiment for 75 % of users, so if a description starts from “Hello! My name is Maki” then you are reading a new one.

Leave your feedback about the new app update, suggest what can be done in the next one and tell me what do you think about a new description. You can leave your comments here or on Facebook (below publication with a link to this post).

2 thoughts on “Maki 3.5 Sakura is finally here!”

  1. It would be great if we could log into multiple accounts on Twitter and be able to switch between them.

    1. Hello. Sorry, not possible at this moment – mobile web version of Twitter doesn’t support multi accounts (Facebook does).

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