Work is in the process!

I’m finally able to work again on Maki after a month of break. I came up with fresh ideas and a new view of what I’m doing. I’m preparing some new features. Here what’s coming soon.

Updates with new features

Features will be oriented on the new mission of the app – control your usage of Facebook and Messenger. We already have an awesome feature called “Block app usage”, which allows you to set up intervals when you don’t want to use Maki at all (an app will be blocked). More features like this one are coming in those updates.

Bug fixes?

Surprisingly, but Maki is very stable at this moment. There are no big issues that make an app to crash or work not properly. There are issues, but all of them are regarding “something works not as I expected”. For example, you are not able to open a specific page from which you received notification after tapping on that received notification. You will get the full list of notifications. Not a big issue, but some users don’t like that.

How soon?

Starting from tomorrow I’ll have a lot more time to spend on Maki. Hope that I’ll be not so lazy and there will be no other tasks to be done immediately. Well, this is one of the reasons why I’m writing to this blog – in this way I have a lot more responsibility.

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