What is going on with Maki

I’m glad to announce to you that I’m starting this blog. Now you will get a full back-stage of developing Maki in this blog.

But I want to get rid of empty promises, so this publication will have a little bit more sense than “subscribe, it will be more here” and…. then nothing.

What is going on?

Maki is coming back. Again. I’ll continue work on this app starting from the following week.

What changes we will get?

First of all – new idea and conception. I came up with conclusion that trying to create “all-in-one” app of a middle quality is not what I really want to do. Yes, I have a lot of users now thankfully to this, but it will be really hard to go against my principles.

Building “just another Facebook app” like Swipe or Friendly and adding a lot of trackers to it – also not a good way to do it. But, at least, a lot better than a previous one.

That’s why Maki will be something at least a little bit different. Something really new and fully oriented on Facebook. I want to build an app that will help you to controll your social networks usage, really take control on your privacy and more. In this blog I will also make publications on how you can protect your-self in social networks, how it is possible to spend less time on Facebook and more useful articles. From this moment, Maki is something bigger than just another Facebook client – now it will be our community of users, that actively help me in creating really awesome app.

It will be hard. I’m not even sure if I will achieve at least something. But we always can’t try – that is something that. I’m purely motivated by DuckDuckGo story – you can read it here: https://onezero.medium.com/nothing-can-stop-google-duckduckgo-is-trying-anyway-718eb7391423 No matter how big is your competitors – try really hard and follow your principles to make this world better. Because just another Facebook app will not make this world better for anyone.

Let’s try to build a better app together. With love, Roman.

One thought on “What is going on with Maki”

  1. hi,my name is MAKI im interested to your app because that’s my name who is to be cilibrated in all the world.
    Excuse me about my english i speak freinsh .
    Im so happy to cooperate with you tmaking MAKI how a prestige name.
    hanks at all

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