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    Maki 4.0 Hortensia: A new step for Maki

    Almost a year ago a Maki 3.0 Sakura was released to the public. It was the biggest update since the initial release of Maki with highly-awaited features: voice and audio calls, new design, new power-saving mode and more. In a recent year, Sakura received many updates with new features and performance improvements. You send me a lot of feedback and…

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    Maki 3.9: Final accord of Sakura

    It’s been a while science Maki 3.0 codenamed “Sakura” was released back in October. Since then, there were many updates with great new features and improvements that you love to have in Maki today. Hard to believe, but it was a year ago! I remember working on it as it was yesterday. And now we left with only one major…

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    Happy birthday, Eva!

    Hello! Not a lot of you knows, but beside Maki, I’m also working on another project called Eva. Eva is an Android app that is created to easily find channels, stickers, bots and public chats for Telegram. And it’s bin a while science Eva was updated the last time (back in December 2018), so now it’s time for big changes.…

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    What is going on with Maki

    I’m glad to announce to you that I’m starting this blog. Now you will get a full back-stage of developing Maki in this blog. But I want to get rid of empty promises, so this publication will have a little bit more sense than “subscribe, it will be more here” and…. then nothing.